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Anders Bryngel



Thank you for visiting bryngel.com. I am a photographer based in Goteborg, Sweden and I work on projects with a wide range of clients and brands. I think my background in documentary filmmaking has positively influenced my commercial work. I've also been blessed with the opportunity to frequently work abroad. Subsequently, most of my locations are scattered around Europe and other parts of the world. Thanks to great production staff and excellent model agencies, I set up production work in London, Barcelona, Vienna, Stockholm, and New York with little effort. 


I find great pleasure in experiencing the charming personalities of the people I photograph. Something you get to enjoy once they really trust you. At times, I work with architecture or well-designed locations that at some point will be filled with people taking advantage of their unique characteristics. I am hugely inspired by cinematography and the film scene when photographing. The idea of what happened before, and what will happen after the moment we share, seems to help drive creativity.



 I shoot and direct films. I'd be happy to share my latest projects with you.


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