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Anders Bryngel




Thank you for visiting I am a photographer based in Goteborg, Sweden and I work on projects with a wide range of clients and brands. I feel that my background in documentary filmmaking has positively influenced all my commercial work. Most of my locations can be found throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Thanks to great production teams and excellent modeling agencies, I routinely set up productions in London, Barcelona, Vienna, Stockholm, New York, and other cities with little effort. 


I enjoy working with people. Connecting with the subject is an important goal at any photo project. Once the models trust you, their confidence helps immensely in making credible images. Great architecture and well-scouted locations also play a major role in producing strong pictures.



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My clients are mainly health science and other research-driven companies like Dentsply Sirona, Wellspect Healthcare, Universeum, Pro Mimic, Akademiska Hus, and Emerson.

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